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Time Was On Our Side (feat. SHōTA LōDI) [Single]

After a highly acclaimed release on Tipsy Records in 2016, The Golden Pony have returned with their most unique song to date. "Time Was On Our Side" has a haunting, chill, indie vibe from New York's finest dj and producer duo. The track features the hypnotic vocals of SHōTA LōDI, who just last month reached #1 on Japan’s Itunes. The love anthem details how SHōTA unexpectedly met his muse during a recent guys trip to Thailand.

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Party Girl (feat. SHōTA LōDI) [EP]

A special artist collaboration between U.S. and Japan has became a reality. The song is a blend of *Groovy workshop.'s latest dance track and SHōTA LōDI’s sweet melodic voice. A killer-tune catching the hearts of ladies around the world.


So Good [Single]

SHōTA LōDI's new single "So Good" oozes with smooth vocals as the slick guitars and drums breathe a fresh classic-rock feel. The single is now available on iTunes and Spotify for streaming. 

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Out of the Blur [EP]

SHōTA LōDI's first EP "Out of the Blur" is compried of five songs that stay consistent as much as they standalone powerful, pop-infused and brave. With acoustic backgrounds, electric leads and driving drums, the lone thinker chases love and croons from the California hilltops. 

The project is now available on iTunes, Spotify and all other platforms for streaming and purchase.